Dear Classmates,

There won’t be another time when we get to dress up like nuns with our gowns, or jump up and down like insane, or throw our caps in the air and mess up the world - it’s what graduation means. A part of it inevitably means giving up some of the immaturity and innocence that characterized the teenage. But may I suggest to you that we should not concede everything to the process of growing up. We can still be crazy, original, true to ourselves. The most distinguishing part of our individuality can never be lost or ceded. And I hope that someday, when we look back, we will know that we never strayed from our true path.

Remember that to be honest, what I liked, were the things I didn’t know. And that when it rains it pours, so stay thirsty like before. As Drake once said: “I guess you lose some and win some, long as the outcome’s income. I want it all, and then some.

I want it all, and so should you.
Try to shine. Stay wild, C/O 2019.

Yours, Lawrence