I'm a student at Yale University (presumably) studying the intersection between digital manipulation and art. I like basic things such as watching Chinese television series, making Spotify playlists, crying to YouTube videos, collecting song lyrics, and yelping. I also have a lot of opinions, and THIS is where I share my ideas about popular culture and the arts and my (very spontaneous) writing. If you'd like to find out more about the interesting personality I never knew I had, you should check out my PORTFOLIO or click on one of these social media thingys.

Everyone makes mistakes. We can all be seized by vengeance and rage. But more importantly, we also grow up, encounter ourselves, and find the things that matter more. Leaving the bad in the past — that is the victor’s attitude. Being defined by what you love — that is Lover.


Maybe we can let go of the cold, exoskeletal shells of protective covers; let go of the habit of keeping people at a distance; let go of the need to hide our insecurities and conceal our mistakes. In doing so, perhaps we might rediscover the fine world that is worth fighting for.

Russian Doll

So I’ll keep dreaming, keep counting stars like I’m 3, keep embracing the bigger wows, though I might not be wiser now. 'Cause I mean, who’ll be there to stop me?
And then, maybe my 18 will remain kaleidoscopically colored, forever.


So many melodrama will end up being supercuts. So many hard feelings will lead to exclamation of what the fuck are perfect places. Perhaps this youth is imperfect, but its stubborn, tenacious, yet sinister vitality is precious and impossible to compound.