So 2018 was a year.

It was a confused year. It was when I kept discovering new things about people and about myself, when I had to align my expectations and limitations, and find a middle ground between those.

It was a stressful year. I never slept a day before 10 until 11/14 and math was daily depression and Mormont was a constant struggle, as I battled through college apps like no tomorrow, as evening became depressing and days drew on to no end.

It was a year of determination. I started off by telling myself I will challenge this challenge that, yet in the end, I realized the only things we can challenge are ourselves.

I may have drunk way too much iced coffee read plenty of Chinese novels and made too many midnight/terrible decisions that I may or may not regret. But none of that matters anymore. As 9102 marches steadily towards us let’s not forget to love bravely, fight for something fearlessly, and sometimes, fly against the wind.